How to Avoid Cancer With a Better Lifestyle

do-not-eat-grasshopperCancer is a disease which can occur in any part of our body. It is generally caused when body cells in a particular region starts multiplying and grows more in number than required by that organ. These multiple cells take the form of a tumor. Cancer causing factors may be hereditary or a person’s eating habit and lifestyle. Hence it becomes essential for everybody to make a change in one’s eating habit and daily routine to ensure prevention of cancer.

The first and foremost thing to be done is to drastically reduce the intake of junk food. Processed and junk foods add empty calories. Eatables like burger, pizza, wafers, French fries etc have very high salt content which increases the sodium level of our body leading to cancer in future. Where as sweet tasting junk foods add excessive calories. Processed food like bread, salami, luncheon meat, sausages etc should also not be eaten much. Energy drinks and sweet processed juices are a strict no.

It is very essential to improve ones dietary habits for ensuring a healthy life. Fruits and vegetables in either raw or lightly cooked form should be taken at least 5 times in a day in small portions. Salad has to be eaten 4 times a week. Green leafy vegetables, legumes, fibrous foods, fruits, unprocessed sugar should be a daily affair.

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Thirty Things You Can Do To Avoid Cancer

kk1. Make sure you have a pure source of foodstuffs. Obtain fresh, organic produce regularly by joining a vegetable box scheme

2. Eliminate plastic storage containers from your kitchen and do not buy or store food in plastic or clingfilm

3. Try not to cook the life out of food. Steam vegetables such as brocolli or cauliflower to maintain their integrity and nutritional value

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Avoiding Cancer – More Than Just Awareness

kAwareness, treatment, recovery… Where’s Avoidance? If we simply live in a why that makes our bodies unattractive to cancer, our chances of developing it are greatly reduced. Why should we have to experience cancer in the first place?

We all have some risk of cancer, and some people have more risk than others. The majority of our risk truly comes from our environment and our lifestyle, not our genes.

There are 5 big lifestyle factors that actually encourage cancer. By doing the opposite of these, your chances of getting any types of cancer, especially breast cancer, is greatly reduced.

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Cleanse the Colon to Avoid Cancer

avoid-gmo-foodDo you on a daily basis have a regular bowel movement, which according to doctors are supposed to be twice in a day? If not then there is some malfunction in your system which needs special attention before it is too late. You should cleanse the colon to be on the safe side.

Today a large amount of the people in the world suffer from colon cancer, which according to statistics was found to be the third most common form of cancer which can fatally lead to death. Colorectal cancer or large bowel cancer as they are sometimes referred to as, usually begin with acute growths of mushroom sized lumps around the large intestine or colon.

As you know the colon in our body plays a vital roll in the digestive system where its main purpose is to extract salt and water from solid waste that has to be discharged from our body. Sometimes these solid toxic waste do not get discharged and begin to accumulate within the colon causing it to be less efficient in the purpose it was intended to be. With no proper care taken about this it worsens and finally could lead to cancer cells appearing in the colon.

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Avoid Cancer, Infections and Immunodeficiencies With Antioxidants

ddA link for the brave – extremely clinical document discussing enzymes, antioxidants, and a combination of both folk medicine and modern research reports on the use of Cycas circinalis, Morinda citrifolia (the noni plant), Bridelia penangiana, Tridax Procumbens, Hibiscus tiliaceus, and Hypericum papuanun…” showed antibacterial activity”.

This report states that scopoletin, a health promotor in Noni, inhibits the activity of E coli, commonly associated with recent outbreaks resulting in hundreds of serious infections and even death. Another section reports that a “compound isolated from Noni roots named 1-methoxy-2-formyl-3-hydroxyanthraquinone suppressed the cytopathic effect of HIV infected MT-4 cells, without inhibiting cell growth[45]”.

About a thousand words later we read that “The synergistic effects of TNJ (Tahitian Noni Juice) with known anticancer drugs have been found”. This long section relates that specifically, Tahitian Noni Juice enhances anticancer drugs. (

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